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e Harmony is a paid site (a six-month membership will set you back 0) that prides itself on making perfect matches, thanks to a lengthy questionnaire that all its members are required to fill out.

It’s a guided dating site, which means you don’t get to choose your matches based on who has the best Facebook photos; the company sends you potentially compatible ladies.

Researchers found that the hacked Instagram accounts had sexual images, different profile biography, image and name, and new photos uploaded.

Sick of swiping right and hoping for a real connection?

Tinder is great if you’re looking for something casual—that might, but also might not, turn into something more serious—but it’s not the ideal online dating scene if you’re looking to settle down.

Here are five online dating sites and apps that are perfect for finding your next long-term girlfriend (or dare we say future wife).

e Harmony is one of the oldest and most well-known online dating sites, and it definitely caters to people who are looking for more than just “Netflix and chill.” The reason: it’s a big investment, of both time and money.

Once a user completes the survey, they are sent to an adult dating website and asked to sign up.

Scammers are rewarded with a fee for each person that signs up.

Social media sites from Instagram to Twitter have been plagued with fake accounts. Symantec said it does not know how the accounts were compromised but that it is likely due to weak passwords and the use of one password across many sites.

The attackers change the Instagram account's passwords.

Symantec notes that accounts remain in the same state even after months, indicating that owners may have created new accounts since.


  1. The dating game is always a minefield, and never more so than when you have kids.

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