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Sex on text (SOT) became popular in 1998 when Philippine mobile service providers launched SMS.

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Phone sex was considered safe sex and a preferred method of younger Filipinos to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

Talking and listening to erotic things on the phone usually takes place between couples and strangers.

It became so alarmingly popular that some are openly advocating it in radio and television shows under the guise of “phone pals.” Commercial phone sex in the Philippines boomed in the 80’s and 90’s advertisements for phone sex services are placed in adult magazines and tabloids.

Philippines is a Christian country, with majority of the populace being Catholic.

In modern Christian country phone sex in the Philippines – does it exist?

How long exactly have Filipinos been having phone sex?Probably since 1960’s when telecommunications was introduced in the country.Phone sex primarily exists in intimate relationship before especially for long distanced lovers to meet their sexual needs.It has replaced the love letter as means of romantic communication for lovers who are worlds apart.Phone sex was used to spice up long distance love affairs.Phone sex or SOP (sex on phone) became popular in the Philippines in 1980’s because it created a world of sexual fantasies with its own rules and regulation different from real life.

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