what dating site is new now - Female convict dating

Penpals or pen pals can be just friends as well as possible love interests.

Many people who choose to become a prison pen pal do so strictly on the pretense of performing a kind and selfless act.

If you should choose to become a penpal to one of the inmates whether male or female, be sure to treat them like you would anyone else you might meet on the outside.

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Alot of these male and female prisoners are just like you and I...they've made mistakes or bad choices in their life.

Now they find themselves in prison; lonely and sometimes even cut off from family and friends. Having their name called during mail call is something alot of these men and women have not heard.

Take a moment to look through the profiles and you will see that these female inmates and male inmates are looking for hope, friendship and possilbly a new start in life with someone that will help them up instead of bringing them down. Write to them and let them know that their profiles are online and obviously they will be getting some mail.

I am currently starting a project to redo the website to make it more functional and easier to add inmate profiles to the site..tuned!

You will notice I am going with larger images now and after the new website theme is complete, I will be using very large images so you can see the profile pics much clearer.

If you know of someone who could use a profile, be sure to send them an application.

15-AUG-10 We are trying to incorporate some of the social media site such as Facebook and Twitter to help promote our service to those who may not know about it.

More importantly we are trying to get in touch with the friends and family members of those who are incarcerated and locked up in prison.

any kind of 'sharing' or spreading of the word would be much appreciated.

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