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While the board members had a lot of questions during the 22 minute discussion, it indicated the administration should proceed with its examination of the possibility.

Hopson said there were numerous options the districts administration had and would continue to consider.

Among the variations if the school were to become a STEAM academy would be whether that would be all it would include in the academic curriculum or whether it might be a "school within a school" that would have another group of students following the regular high school curriculum.

He said the building could easily hold two schools.

Year after year there are stories about people that may well be East alumni but whose East association has not met the verification requirements of this publication.

The likey association has been noted but if you can provide confirming details, please let us know at [email protected]

Here are references to a few of those stories for which confirmation is currently being sought: July 12, 2010 - The Commercial Appeal - Dan Oppenheimer's art business profiled; July 25, 2009 - The Washington Post - The sons of former Washington Post editor and current NPR commentator Linton Weeks are killed in traffic accident; April 7, 1996 - The Commercial Appeal - Forrest Lee 'Chip' Smith Jr., 42, fatally wounded after struggle with The East High Alumni Page September 15, 2015 - Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson tonight asked the county board of education if it endorsed staff exploring the possibility of East High becoming a "STEAM academy." He said the proposal was for a "high quality" option with a rigorous, college-ready core academic program.CTE generally focuses more on hands on learning, what once was called vocational classes, where STEAM is more traditionally academically oriented but obviously with considerable technical and laboratory elements included.Hopson cited the reason for the district administrations consideration of changes at East included the drop in enrollment from about 900 in 2011 to 550 this school year and calling buildings underutilized facilities.He also noted a decline in Tennessee Value Added Assessment System scores. The East High Alumni Page reported in late July that Hopson was considering changing the focus of East to a STEM school.A STEM school is similar to a STEAM school but without the additional focus on the arts.

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