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Face Time's easy mobility makes that kind of spontaneity possible. Use any standard i Phone dock that lets your phone stand, ahem, erect.If you're looking for some chat love on a computer, you basically have to wait until you're back at home or your hotel room. Before you begin, get everything out that you might need (vibrator, lube, an old gym sock) so you don't have to move out of the frame later on. Placing it on your lap could get in the way of touching or showing off the star attraction.

The first thing that strikes you about Face Time is that the image quality is incredible.

Instead of some blurred-out cluster of pixels, your partner looks touchably real.

You can see small movements and subtle expressions quickly flitting across faces.

The second thing that subtly blows your mind is actually something you notice: Because the screen and camera are essentially in the same place, you end up looking at your partner directly, skipping that weird sensation that you're both staring at some point off in the distance.

Candles will do, as will a bright hallway light and an open door. Just don't open the curtains for—you don't want to be "that guy," and passersby don't want in on the action either. Gear Up If you live alone or have adequate privacy, you probably don't need any accessories.

But if you have housemates, children, or thin walls, consider using a pair of headphones or a handsfree.

Neither your partner nor your neighbors want those sounds to be broadcast.

This leads to , to intimacy, to locked eyes searching for glimmers of love, sadness, hurt, or mischievous excitement.

And we all know where that leads: It's a direct flight to Gettin' Busytown. It dictates where you can move, and only your mood (or bed buddy) should have that privilege. Not only is it considerably easier to maneuver, it's wonderfully familiar, evoking many of our first memories of love.


  1. Introduction Online dating is a growing industry in the United States, increasing in popularity every year.

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