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View the project at quasar.A real-time video chatroom app built with Meteor + React + Flux + Web RTC FE: react + flux + webrtc BE: meteor quasar works in browsers that support Web RTC and has so far been tested in Chrome and Firefox.Most of the Web RTC magic happens using communication via Meteor Streams.

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Visual Friend does all that leg-work for you—but without the cost and Craigslist-stigma.

Free Facetime Chat Rooms is a collection of products with 90 downloads.

The most lightweight of them are Fun Text (sized at 15,361) and Shoddy Battle (sized at 16,513), while the largest one is GPGNet with 82,581,790 bytes.

Once members have initiated a chat and they desire to progress to the next step, they can swap phone numbers and continue their relationship Face Time style." Finally, video-chatting has become another archetypal step in relationships, like second base, meeting the parents, and moving in.

What's more, Visual Friend promises to help find your soul mate.

Rather than invest in the complex personality algorithms of professional dating services, the site found a loophole: "Beyond companionship, the chances of meeting your true soul mate on a free dating site will be much higher, as we expect to top the number of members that the paid sites hit." And just in case you aren't sold yet, Visual Friend cites the recent Ok Cupid study which found that i Phone users have more sex than Black Berry or Android users (cause, you know, one selling point for a potential soul mate is how many more sexual partners he or she has been with than the average smartphone owner).

Even though Apple's app store is the least sexually liberated place around, the company's products have inspired a slew of scandalous services recently, especially with its new Face Time feature.

Craigslist is unreliable and dangerous; e Harmony and are costly and exclusive; and other online personals usually turn out to be scams.

How's a suitor supposed to plan a romantic rendezvous in the digital age?

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