Exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository

To learn more, read about how to use SAS Enterprise Guide with different SAS environments.You can also use the profile name in SAS Enterprise Guide automation scripts, as shown in this example about running SAS programs in batch.

MASmart Object IO.update Concise Metadata (MASmart Object IO.java:1271) at persistence.metadata.

MANode IO.(MANode IO.java:90) at persistence.metadata. MAFlow IO.update Omr Content (MAFlow IO.java:290) at persistence.metadata. Thread Pool Executor$Worker.run(Thread Pool Executor.java:908) at Service Exception: Exception occurred updating the SAS Metadata Repository. Md Exception: Add Metadata of Transformation Step is missing required property Name. To release the campaigns, log off SAS Customer Intelligence Studio and log in again.

MASmart Object Object(MASmart Obj ect IO.java:233) at persistence.metadata. Navigate to the Locks page and unlock the campaigns.

All of this is captured under a friendly name, which you assign when you define the profile.

This is similar to the way that you would file a colleague's information in your Rolodex (still have that? When you're connected to a SAS environment in SAS Enterprise Guide, you'll see some of that profile information reflected in the status bar: To activate a different profile or to define a new one, you can click on the Connections link in the status bar.

This invokes the Connections window, showing all of your available profiles and their details.The profile name is important, because you can make use of this name as a shortcut (similar to "speed dial") to direct SAS Enterprise Guide to a particular metadata environment automatically.(Aside: "Null Provider" would make a great name for a rock band, or maybe for a blog.) Here's the VBScript program: cscript Show Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. MASmart Object Object With Delete On Failure (MASmart Object IO.java:1619) at persistence.metadata. Thread Pool Executor$Task(Thread Pool Executor.java:886) at concurrent. Generic Error: Add Metadata of Transformation Step is missing required property Name. Once this exception occurs, the campaigns become locked and an error similar to the one above is displayed when you try to open them. MASmart Object Object (MASmart Object IO.java:233) at persistence.metadata. Campaign.publish For Execution(Campaign.java:2203) at flow. Security Executor Service Impl$Wrapped (Security Executor Service Impl.java:61) at concurrent. MASmart Object IO.update Omr Content (MASmart Object IO.java:1064) at persistence.metadata. Campaign.execute Campaign(Campaign.java:3153) at cm. Campaign.execute Campaign(Campaign.java:3124) at flow. Fork Camp Comm Execution.run(Fork Camp Comm Execution.java:85) at security.

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