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Here are my top 3 Quick and Dirty Tips on how quickly you can legitimately friend someone on Facebook: Okay class, by a show of hands, how many of you have stalked someone on Facebook?

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However, if you think to yourself, “I'm not sure I want to see this person again,” then the answer is probably “No” to adding them as a Facebook friend.

Let’s be honest, you won’t get an award for having 10,000 friends on Facebook, and you won’t be kicked out for having only 10.

If you're worried about whether to extend a friend request or not, make sure that you can truly call them a friend in the first place (or at least that they're someone with friend potential).

Before you send a send a friend request, make sure you know the level of "friendship" you have with that person - or else suffer the consequences.

Here's how to know when to friend someone on Facebook.

But adding friends to your list is all a part of the Facebook fun, right? It’s not a race, it’s not a competition, and you shouldn’t be too eager to send a friend request to someone you just met or only talked to for seven seconds in the elevator.So, before you spend hours waiting anxiously in front of your computer to see if Beth – who you have never spoken to but see in the hallway every day - will accept your request, let’s pull back the veil of Facebook friendship.This especially happens when you are about to go on a date with someone or have just gone a first date.So as you’re exchanging stories about what you like to do on the weekends, a thought comes to mind, “Should I friend them?” Then you teeter back and forth, not sure if you should make the first move.It’s like a social game of ping pong with one side of your brain saying, “Of course! ” and the other side saying, “Wait…I’ll look like a stalker.”After a date is over, you usually have a good idea of whether or not there will be a second date. If you can see this person being a “friend” – either platonically or with benefits - then it’s a yes.


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