Error updating the password file android Sex 100 live skype gerl

These 2 are the most common reasons for R file to go missing My issue was that I had android:orientation misspelled in my activity_file and I was getting this error. So make sure activity_doesn't have any errors in it.hey there I was lookin for similar feature , its not exactly the sme well it is , but anyways , Estrong Explorer does the job for what you are tryin to do , ( ESexplorer) free inmarket .

Error updating the password file android

The main problem I'm having is slow xfer rates - seems to max out at 600 - 700Kb/s.

Its the same if i SCP files though, so I dont think its a problem is with samba specifically...

I can provide a tarball with the files if you want to try it out (install & configuration is through a root shell, its all pretty basic at the moment).

"Android sdk Build-tools" from Android sdk manager is now rev 17 and now it is OK.

I think the issue is from adt plugin from eclipse import android.

R - remove this statement from all your classes and then do a clean your R file will be generated.

if this did not work then check all your xml files for any errors and then do a clean.

22 for the first time, you may need to relaunch Android SDK Manager again and install a new item: Android SDK Build-tools.

After installing this, clean your projects and rebuild.


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