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" she asked, pouting so genuinely that for a moment he almost believed something was really wrong. A remote exam isn't ideal, but under the circumstances, it will have to do," Shingen said, matter-of-factly.

However, being ever 'popular culture un-savyy,' he gets the word wrong and ends up looking for "hook up" sites instead!

Spencer is suddenly thrown into the world of online dating (unbeknownst to him) when he begins responding to messages from someone named "De Manding." Things quickly escalate from friendship to... Things haven't always been smooth sailing for Peter, especially when it came to anything to do with love.

Ashton has just turned 19 and is finally old enough to join "Cam Boys XXX". While Emilia had managed to surprise him, it didn't take him long to get into character as the aloof doctor.

With only his mother around, Ashton has to rake up the money somehow, and will do anything to support his family...except he is hoping they will never twig what's really going on behind closed doors... "I'll need you to follow my directions to the letter, if there's any chance of solving whatever might be the matter." Spencer is months away from completing his third doctorate when he receives the news he has been (impatiently) waiting for: he's been accepted into the FBI academy.

There's so many different ways to say "I love you," but there's a few in particular that April and Andy enjoy more than others. But now that it's been confirmed he'll be moving across the country, Spencer suddenly realizes he won't know a single person when he arrives.

Chapters 1-10 originally written for a Tumblr Smut Drabble Meme. On the suggestion of a classmate, Spencer goes online to find "meet up" sites, in the hope that he can make some friends before it's time to move.

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