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All club officers should be responsible for knowing the club’s purpose and keeping the club focused on its mission and goals.Club officers should also, when necessary, assist other club members in completing their duties.Remember that although being a club officer can be frustrating at times, it can also be very rewarding.

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Clubs should refer to their “Constitution” for specifics on Club elections.

Clubs are expected to conduct the appointment and/or election of officers in an ethical and fair manner.

Club officers play an important role in helping a club become and remain active and successful.

Being a club officer also provides students with an opportunity for personal growth and achievement.

Not all clubs have all five officers; however, at a minimum, the President and the ICC Representative are required for each club.

Duties of each officer can be found in the “General Outline for a Constitution” on the Student Club web site.Club officers are typically elected for an entire academic year (Fall and Spring semester).Clubs outline the date on which club elections will be held in the club’s “Constitution.” Some clubs elect officers at the last club meeting of the Spring semester for the upcoming academic year, other clubs elect officers in the Fall semester for the current academic year.Please refer to your club’s “Constitution” for information on when elections are to be held.Clubs are strongly encouraged to announce club elections to all current club members at least two weeks prior to the date elections are to be held.Upcoming elections can be announced using flyers on LPC bulletin boards (remember to have the Director of Student Life approve these), the club’s web page on the LPC web site (contact the Student Life Assistant to post this information), and, of course, in club meetings prior to the election date.


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