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We met back in August of 2006 when I was in Dahab after the terrorist attack (April 24).

Too many local souls were psychologically traumatized and left to recover on their own ('thankfully' Dahab has access to sex, drugs and alcohol).

The terrorist attack killed 30 and dragged the small resort on to the front pages.

Rushing from the mainland to Dahab, a Bedouin village in Sinai, young Egyptian men searched for a better life. It is not what they thought they would be growing up, but for them it was a revelation – some fun, some guilt, some compromises.

A ride to a Disneyland of love, sex, sin, and money. Dahab (meaning “gold” in Arabic) is 80km northeast of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Life is stretched along the beach; a man-made lagoon is a kite-surfing spot by daylight and a lovers’ spot by moonlight.

Al-Masbat is where tourism reigns (a couple of discos, gift shops, camps and a line of laid-back restaurants).

Nikki is leaving in two months from a place she has called home.

Later, the boys would pull the spikes from the sea urchins and carve another tourist's name (Vincent, John, Liza, etc) on the spikes and sell them for .

The sea urchin hunt was interrupted for a moment as a lonely lady walked on the dead corals on the horizon.

Al-Asala is a village where the Muzeina Bedouin tribe predominates.

There are around 10,000 Bedouin (one of 15 major tribes of the Sinai), 20,000 Egyptians from the mainland and 3,000 foreigners living or working in Dahab.

A plastic bag, full of spiky sea urchins struggling for their life, left the hands of four boys and a man painted in red.

I instantly remembered him – Tarek – and he called me by name.

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