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Enjoy Who is the best date for Elsa Jack or Hiccup Let us help the Queen choose more easily. Follow the instructions and see the end of this challenge.

Have fun Elsa and Barbie love to spend time together because they are best friends. Cinderella is getting ready to spice up her love life a bit and she�s willing to try out something really fun today: she is having a blind date and she needs your precious helping hand to organize it a bit.

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Jack took Rapunzel to the restaurant but Elsa and Anna are there too.

You need to help Jack kiss Rapunzel without being caught by Elsa.

Will he succeed It is only up to you if he gets to kiss Rapunzel.

Have fun As you know Flynn likes Rapunzel and Rapunzel likes Flynn.

Both of them are shy so Rapunzel s friends have a plan to get them together. Next help Rapunzel make a card for Flynn and join the two lovebirds to their date. At least this is what Taylor Swift thinks, because she always ends up disappointed.

In this new Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends game, she decides to teach her ex boyfriends a lesson, because they should think twice before upsetting another girl.

Elsa and Barbie to do something different for Valentines day. Let us help the girls get ready by giving them a nice makeup some cool hair styles and the best outfit.

Elsa and Barbie want to try something different for this Valentines day. Elsa does not like this and until Jack becomes an attorney she decided to leave him.

Jack wants to be an attorney and his time with Elsa is short.

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