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Dad: I’m a sixth grade teacher and one of my students became very attached to me during the school year.Her parents divorced eight years ago and I began emailing with her dad a couple months ago.We started seeing each other but didn’t let many people know because we wanted to wait until school was out.

Most kids with divorced parents secretly hope that mom and dad will get back together—even if the divorce happened long, long ago.

And there’s nothing like having dad start dating someone else to show a child that (a) she has no control over the situation, and (b) that her fantasy of a reunited family might never happen.

So the fact that the girl really likes you muddles things even more by making her feel that she’s actually helping shatter he own dream.

I wasn’t expecting this reaction and we stopped seeing each other.

He said he had to do what was in his daughter’s best interest. A: Being a single dad myself, I can assure you that dating a divorced father is never easy (that’s what women I’ve dated have said and I know I’m not the only one…).

I completely disagree with this, because the girl has not liked any of the past girlfriends either. He thinks she’ll come around now that school is over but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. We come with plenty of baggage and there are always unforeseen complications.

Plus, children tend to be very protective of their dads (interestingly, they’re often more protective of dads than moms—perhaps because they see that moms already enjoy much more social support than dads).

Part of problem may be that the girl feels betrayed by you.

Because the two of you had such a strong bond during the year, chances are good that she looked at you with admiration and respect and even considered you a friend.


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