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Appeared: For four episodes in 1987 Since seen in: He's Russell Crowe, behave.Early in his career, Crowe did a guest spot on Neighbours as dodgy ex-con Kenny Larkin, who was up to no good at all, nicking money and ruining Henry Mitchell's gardening business.

Oh yeah, and you might have heard of his older brother, who was also once in an episode of Neighbours.

Appeared: in a single episode in 2002 Since seen in: Thor, Rush, Red Dawn Jamie Kane worked with Steph Scully at a garage and ratted her out because she didn't call the police when her ex-boyfriend robbed them.

Luke, the 3rd Hemsworth brother, played steroid-abusing footballer Nathan Tyson, and hasn't yet troubled Hollywood.

But another former Neighbour was in the second Thor movie...

He was very briefly in the first Wolverine film as Wolverine's dad, but actually, he's more notable for appearances on British telly, including Appeared: 2006-2008 Since seen in: No Strings Attached, various sitcoms After departing with a classically lazy Neighbours "they've gone on holiday" excuse, Lawson has recently been seen guest-starring in Appeared: 1986-1989 Since seen in: Memento, Prometheus, Iron Man 3 It doesn't matter who he's pretending to be in all those fancy Hollywood films, we'll always think of his stunned little face when he saw his date Plain Jane Superbrain transformed into a BEAUTIFUL LADY.

Appeared: 2002-2005 Since seen in: Beauty & The Beast We're a bit vague on what Jack Scully actually did on Neighbours, but we think it involved playing football and kissing Delta Goodrem. , but given IMDB lists his character's name as "Yacht Steward" we suspect "starring" may be a little strong.

Anyway, Jay Bunyan changed his name to Jay Ryan because Ryan sounds less like bunion, moved to Hollywood and is now the star of Appeared: 1986-1988 Since seen in: Street Fighter, Moulin Rogue, Bio-Dome. His Wikipedia page also links to some kind of events business that he founded. Appeared: 1993-1996 Since seen in: Ally Mc Beal, Friends Ramsay Street's Annalise Hartman went on to play a guest at Ross and Chandler's college reunion.

Appeared: 2008-2011 Since seen in: About Time, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Focus Originally introduced to Neighbours as the stalker of dull musician Ty Harper, Robbie was quickly promoted to series regular status and now appears to be on track to becoming a bonafide Hollywood megastar.

Appeared: 2005-2009 Since seen in: Tomorrow, When the War Began, Reign, All Cheerleaders Die And her classmate Rachel isn't doing too badly for herself either - she's currently appearing as a fictional chum of Mary Queen of Scots in dubiously historical series Appeared: 1985-1993 Since seen in: More or less everything One of the very original Neighbours, all TV show producers these days are apparently required by law to have him in at least one episode - he's shown up Appeared: 2007-2008 Since seen in: The Hunger Games, The Expendables 2, Paranoia Long before he was friendzoned by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, the youngest Hemsworth (see below) played Bridget Parker's paraplegic friend Josh.

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