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In this chapter, you'll learn about the principles and considerations that guide scientific research.You will examine the characteristics of scientific theories and experimental design; you'll learn how to develop testable research hypotheses as well.Once you finish studying all the video lessons, you should also be able to: As you make your way through this chapter's material, you'll notice a number of tools designed to make your learning experience an enjoyable one.

View this chapter's video lessons and read the texts to learn about principles and procedures guiding scientific researchers.

Study the scientific method, experimental design and how to interpret scientific data.

This chapter's engaging video and text lessons cover key scientific research terms, concepts and procedures.

Our professional instructors present lessons that are usually under 10 minutes in length so that you can study topics efficiently.

In this lesson, you will learn about the process of a scientific experiment.

First the lesson will outline the definition and give a short history of scientific experimentation.

Then the types will be described, and finally, an example of a scientific experiment will be provided.

Lesson transcripts are provided and, in many cases, include links to text lessons containing additional details about important terms.

Each lesson also includes a multiple-choice quiz, which offers you a way to assess how well you've comprehended the topics covered in the chapter.


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