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Additionally, it marked the beginning of the "Thank your father, kids" running gag.Although Buck is portrayed in later seasons as having been with the Bundys since he was a pup, it's implied by Peg that they've had him for only three years and Al states that he's actually Bud's pet; he even "speaks" once ("Buck Can Do It"), something that becomes a regular feature beginning in the fourth season.

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This season also contains the "lost episode" "I'll See You in Court", which was not aired in North America until June 18, 2002 after the show's initial run on the cable channel FX (and was included in the season three DVD set).

The fourth season saw the departure of Marcy's husband Steve Rhoades.

Marcy remained single for the remainder of the season.

with Children introduces the major characters: Al, Peg, Kelly and Bud Bundy, along with their neighbors, Steve and Marcy Rhoades.

The first season is the only one in which Al and Peg are regularly intimate, to the point of Al initiating the sessions.

It is also the only one where Peg can be seen doing housework under normal circumstances, and she even has her own car (as seen in "Sixteen Years and What Do You Get").

In "Thinergy," Bud mentions that Kelly had been held back a year in school.

Al's dislike of the French is first shown in this season and it is also the first time that he calls Marcy a "chicken." It also contains the first mention of Peg's family being "hillbillies" from the fictional Wanker County, Wisconsin.

At the beginning of the second season, Kelly is portrayed as a girl of reasonable intelligence (though she is often teased by Bud for her promiscuity and bleached hair).


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