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Cupid speed dating site is a most popular free speed dating site in the USA.

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That is how simple it is to purchase dating profiles according to your very own specification.

Sometimes it seems really silly to write anything serious about oneself here, but sometimes it seems risky to not write anything sincere here, for the hope that there is the last great man.

I like guys that are able to hold a conversation about something that interest them: politics, sports, movies, travel, art, Haruki Murakami novels (Norweigian Wood, IQ84, Kafka on the Shore anyone?

You can create all kinds of variations by ticking/unticking and combining several boxes.

Please keep in mind that one order can only be uploaded to one site.

If you need to upload profiles into multiple sites please contact us for the special prices If, for instance, your target market is Straight (Standard), in the USA only, males looking for females and females looking for males, ages varying from 40 - 60, your ethnic target group is both Caucasians/White and African Americans/Black and you want 3 photographs or more per profile, then tick the relevant boxes (un-tick the boxes you don't want), and fill in the age range box.

The right box at the bottom then shows the number of dating profiles for sale that we have according to those specifications.

If you decide to buy dating profiles according to your own specification, our unique Interactive Profile Selection feature allows you to order only the dating profiles that you need at the location you want and according to the specification that exactly fits your target market.

So, please feel free to create your own preferred selection of dating profiles.


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