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It took a few really close friends, who were candid about and unashamed of their experiences, to change my mind.

Their direct experiences showed me firsthand that both of my assumptions about online dating were quite erroneous (though there are always exceptions).

Even though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an online dating convert, I now see the value of dating online.

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Some of mine include smokers, moderate to excessive drinkers, conservative political stance, and excessive partiers.

I can screen for stuff like that quite easily with a dating website, whereas in “real life” dating, those topics may not come up until feelings are already invested, making them really easy to ignore.

2) Let’s be honest — it’s tough to find someone willing to take the time to actually get to know you before they try to find out what color your sheets are.

If you take your time, online dating can take those awkward “ahem, please don’t touch me there yet …” moments out of the equation.

(I learned this the hard way when I met up with a guy after talking for just a couple of days.

I was a newbie to online dating, so that was my mulligan.

Anyway, it wasn’t technically a date — more of an informal meet-and-greet to see if we actually wanted to go on a date.

I’d like to start this week’s post with a quick poll.

I want to know how many of you have actually tried to find a partner on an online dating site like Match, e Harmony, Plenty of Fish, etc.

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