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Each specific history class represents a regiment such as the 8and then ate a “Civil War lunch” before marching over to Kennedy Park for the afternoon.

Anomalists adore quantum physicists because they are the only mainstream scientists that end up sounding crazier than your average Fortean when they really get going.

We love them for their multiverses, their strange observer effects, their spooky action at a distance, their uncertainty principles, and their undeniably weird thought experiments about murdering cats in boxes.

But mostly we love them because they decouple subject and object, mocking the notion of causality in a universe that is increasingly looking like a twilight zone where everything relies heavily on the consciousness of the observer, and the logically impossible turns out to not only be possible, but actually happening somewhere else in the multiverse. The more people that can attest to having experienced a strange event, the more credence we give it.

Interestingly, despite anomalistic’s love affair with quantum physics, inquiry into strange phenomena remains deeply democratic. Thirty independent reports of a vanishing puma in Surrey carry more weight than a single encounter.

And when we hear thirty reports of a spectral puma in Surrey over the course of three hundred years, we move into the realm of folklore, which is strangely comforting when juxtaposed with a rash of contemporary encounters with, say, black-eyed children that happened last Thursday at the Circle-K in Texas (not really, just making a point).

Skeptics ultimately dismiss those things that do not fall within the realm of “acceptable” belief, regardless of whether there were 3 or 30,000 observers.

Believers simply tend to believe, emphasizing that we must validate the subjective experience.

After the Opening Ceremony, students attended stations to learn about life during the Civil War.

Some of the stations included the following: John Brown, Civil War Band, Lincoln’s Assassination, Sherman’s March to the Sea, Civil War Marching, Civil War Medicine, Quilts in the Civil War, Lincoln/Douglas Debates, Cannons/Weapons in the Civil War, Daily Soldier Life.

The stations were run by high school students, teachers and community members.

And it’s not just the short lab coats, particle accelerators, and mathematical minds, although those are admittedly a bit of turn on.


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