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Anyway, thanks to everyone for reading/editing/commentating/placating me and have a piece of cake for me and my toddler of a blog. I started Orange, Apple, Banana a year ago today, so happy birthday wishes and cake are in order.This is grumpy cat: Some of you (probably many of you) have seen this gloomy feline on the interwebs.

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Soo if you are talking flagships then you should least know that samsung have got there sh*t together when it comes too touchwiz nowadays. You may expect a good amount of design changes only in Note 8 and i Phone 8, not before that.

What about battery life.......i think u dont have any tell u we have to compare note 7 with the beat phone available in market not with its predecessor(note 5)....i guarenteed it will not last for full working day.....way i m going to buy this after 2 or 3 month if price decreases significantly. This is an interim incremental release with some useful attractive non-functional features.

samsung is better then samsung ok, buddy, their phones are not durable, and complaints are much higher then apple products.

contact any carrier you can ask them which devices has the most complaints, they will tell you samsung products.

Ha Ha Ha HAHAHAHA you got to be joking right unless your on about apple.

i have the s6 edge+ and i got too say i have had it for nearly a year (since release) and it still runs buttery smooth.

where my mate has the iphone 6s and it does not stand a chance, the phone is either always lagging if it aint crashing. 4gb is more than enough for heavy using 😒 And also its identical diffrnce with oneolus3! Their Ram optimization is much better than predecessor!!

And the other night we were out hunting wild pokemon lol and the whole night my app was fine not a fault and his would work for about 15mins and then stop for about 5 mins and the whole time we were out i was hotspotting for him and my misses her s7 edge never lost connection whilst his phone went through a stage of not even beable to control his own wifi whilst it kept jumping in and out of it. Samsung and Apple have formed a cartel, probably they both will be making drastic design changes only every three iterations.

Of course, the denizens of the online realm have created lots of memes with grumpy cat.


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