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Dating violence powerpoint presentations

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A statement released by Fad, printed in full in the newspaper, said: "It is important to acknowledge that this presentation was given by CUFC; Fad was not aware of its content or even that it would be shown and in no way endorses or condones any of the views expressed."Whilst it was evident to everyone in attendance that the presentation represented a serious lack of judgment and was an error on behalf of the football boys, their immediate unreserved apology, and remorse expressed, indicated that there was no malicious intent and that the presentation was intended as a joke (despite being wildly inappropriate and misplaced).

A letter written on behalf of the Students' Union, Athletic Union and University Sport, to the Football Team's committee, said: "There can be no justification for the actions of those involved in delivering or arranging the delivery of such content."There are no mitigating circumstances that the intention was to deliver the content in private and we are disappointed that, although there was an apparent lack of knowledge of the planned delivery of this presentation, we have heard no suggestion that any individual or committee member present made any effort to intervene, nor was any retrospective action taken until the matter was brought to our attention."A university spokesman said: "The university is aware of a complaint received by the Students' Union regarding the conduct of the football club at a social event.

The university strongly condemns any conduct that demeans either women or our culture of equality and diversity.

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The speaker, from Cardiff University Football Club (CUFC), also allegedly made light of date-rape and domestic violence.

The team is now banned from taking part in all activity from playing to training.

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