Dating two girls in persona 4

Do you want to make a Boxed Lunch for school, only to find your lunch come out atrocious?Well, we've compiled a list of correct answers to make the perfect Boxed Lunch!With a perfect Boxed Lunch, you can spend your lunch time at school with a friend to further your Social Link.

On the first day of the game, the protagonist has a strange dream that teaches him to use a Persona, specifically his first one Izanagi, in battle.

Through Chie, the protagonist and Yosuke come to realize that an urban legend called the Midnight Channel is true; if you stare into a turned off TV at midnight on a rainy day, you will see a strange figure in there.

Shocking the once sleepy town, a TV announcer — Mayumi Yamano — is found dead, hanging upside-down from a telephone pole.

Remember, Boxed Lunches can only be created after Nanako has gone shopping and filled the fridge.

creating a lunch will pass the time from evening to the next day.

The game was developed by Atlus for the Play Station 2, and has since been ported onto the Play Station 3 as a downloadable classic akin to Persona 3 FES.

As with Persona 3, the game is a turn-based RPG akin to most games of the Shin Megami Tensei series, although this game's plot is rather unique compared to other games in general and in its series as it is based off a murder mystery.

An enhanced port of this game, Persona 4 Golden, was released for the PS Vita.

Set in 2011, the game starts with the protagonist (who is named by the player) being sent to the rural town of Inaba from the big city, since his parents are working abroad.

He is living with his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his younger cousin Nanako Dojima, and attends Yasogami High School, where he becomes friends with Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi and Yosuke Hanamura.

His uncle Dojima is a police detective, whose primary assistant is an odd man named Tohru Adachi.

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