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Find me something exotic, even if it’s just one, and I’ll thank you kindly.Find me something exotic and tell me it’s “just because” and I’ll thank you til you can’t walk. Getting back on topic, this article is going to show you a few of the many options available for the romantic man on a budget.

One hundred bucks for something that’s going to reach the end of its shelf life in a few days? Hand-picked flowers are free, and they’re fantastically romantic.

Unfortunately, they aren’t always easy to find, and they aren’t always in season.

Which is why men turn to a professional florist, which can be pricey. You don’t have to spend a hundred bucks on flowers to make a women smile.

In fact, red roses are so common I tend to feel like little or no thought went into buying them.

I have two problems with this: One: They’re delivered to her by someone other than you.

Two: The fact they come in a vase makes it feel less romantic then it should. And they shouldn’t already be in a vase when he does it – if that were truly romantic you’d see brides walking the aisle with their bouquets in a jar. You buy the flowers and have them delivered to yourself.

On the day you plan to present them to her in person.

Few women on Earth don’t get a little ga-ga when a man hands them flowers.

I can’t think of a single gift that compares when it comes to versatility. Nothing makes a woman feel more special than having her man give her flowers out of the blue.

Flowers can be used for first dates, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, holidays and anything else you can think of. You’ll probably get a pretty nice kiss for that one, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, the cost of flowers can be more than a little ridiculous.

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