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The Pre-Amp head has 4 line-level outputs for driving other amps in addition to this one. We powered it up and left it on for 4-6 hours at a time, quite a few times, included a lot of play time, after we did the refurb work. All pots and controls cleaned and internal solder joints checked for integrity. Measures 16" high x 13.5" wide x 9.5" deep and weighs 27 lbs unpacked. With my '70 Les Paul Custom T-Top pick-ups it has fat gain at higher volumes. Input still low enough that pedals sound great in the front end. From it's "Like New" condition, it's obvious this amp has not been "gigged" with. THIS AIN'T NO EB_Y AUCTION QUALITY AMP, DRAGGED OUT OF THE BASEMENT WITH A COUPLE OF PHOTOS SNAPPED, JUST TO "SEE WHAT SHE'LL BRING". Measures 25" wide x 27.5" high x 11" deep and weighs 63 lbs unpacked. Part of the inside tube chart sticker is missing on the inside of the cabinet, so we aren't able to define it's year, but is likely early to mid 70's.

It also features a jack for a foot switch (not included). 1967 Fender Blackface Super Reverb Cond 8.5+++ Original tweed finish, oxblood grill, and original Jensen P10R 'Blue Bell' speakers. Features all tube construction and the sought after point-to-point / oil-board internal wiring & construction.

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It's also about the second best amp I've ever played (the first best was my '55 Fender Tweed Bassman that sold for $4,500.00). We have completely gone through it, checking all filter caps and the other electrolytics, checking all tubes and replacing where necessary.

This is not only one of the cleanest used amps I have ever sold (and I have sold hundreds over the past 20 years), but it's one of the cleanest "vintage" amps I've seen! Features all tube construction and the sought after point-to-point / oil-board internal wiring & construction.

Only thing that had been changed was the fuse holder and the tweed panel that covers the circuit board. We have completely gone through it, checking all filter caps, checking all tubes and replacing where necessary.

We have completely gone through the Head / Pre-amp, cleaning the entire unit inside and out, including all the switches and control pots. We installed a new AC cord and grommet on the back of the speaker cabinet and both AC cords are 3-prong, grounded. We also installed a grounded (3-prong) AC cord for safety (original AC cord will be included).

The Cabinet has been disassembled for the installation of the Monster Cable to the Original Cerwin Vega #0188, Cast frame, 18" speaker. All four casters and both original chrome Tilt-Back legs intact. Has that incredible "wall-o-sound" with a clear bell tone until you stand on it, especially with humbuckers and then it bites.

The Tolex on the head is in great shape and we touched up the flat black finish on the cab. Good solid state rehearsal / practice / small gig guitar amp. Will start to get nice feedback around 5-6 on my Strat with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge.Both cab handles and tilt-back wheels intact and work fine. Features 2 inputs, Hi-Lo selector, Pre-gain, 3-Band EQ, Spring Reverb and Master volume. We have completely gone through it cleaning and testing all. Super SRV tones in the 2nd thru 5th pick-up positions. We have gone over it completely spending about 14 hours in its testing / check-out / refurb.One of the 2 or 3 most sought after bass guitar amplifiers, The Acoustic 360 / 361 rig. It really develops huge, pounding bass about 35 feet out front (watch out if you're unfortunate enough to be sitting in the 3rd or 4th row listening to this thing). Other than the original Tolex / vinyl covering being stripped from the speaker cabinet and it then being painted black, it's all there. Since the original, 18" Cerwin Vega internal speaker is already 4 ohms, and there's no power switch for the internal 361 power amp, we removed the "Output" / Extension speaker jack and installed a heavy duty AC power switch for the amplifier. Speaker grill is blue-gray weave and includes original logo. Other features include foot switch-able Reverb & Vibrato and original dual button Fender footswitch is included, External Speaker output, Ground reversal switch and AC outlet. I have been a dealer for most of the great bass amp companies over the years, Trace Elliot, Peavey, Fender, Roland, Yamaha, Ampeg, SWR and many I've forgotten and this is in the top 3-4 best performing bass amp combos, I've auditioned. The folded horn design of the speaker cab, I think is the secret. The 4x10" original Fender speakers are in perfect shape with no buzzes or other "wrong" noises.One of the coolest features about this amp is the "Variamp" EQ preset control. We also upgraded the internal 18g "zip wire" speaker wire to 12 gauge / 256 strand, oxygen free "Monster" brand speaker cable. Both original back panels still intact and in NEW condition.Easily allows an almost infinite variety of useable tones. We also added an inline fuse holder to protect the speaker, currently loaded with a 4 amp fuse. Front of amp has original grill cloth, control panel and knobs. Amp is covered in the original black Tolex which is also in great shape with only the most minor wear.


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