Dating someone you actually like

Look, I know there are people out there whose standards really are too high but if what you're looking for is "a funny, feminist, intelligent, cool person," trust me.

Truthfully, you know you shouldn't be dating anyone right now but oh god, human contact and oh god, so much crying. It's easier to focus on another person, even if that person blooooows, than to focus on what's really bothering you.

When you're feeling sad or depressed, you'll kind of put up with anything because you feel like garbage anyway. From school, from work, from life, from stress-eating. I'm not endorsing dating dickheads for funny stories, but have I done it on some level?

Because breaking up with someone is really fucking hard.

Tinder Definition: It’s a Dating App, where you get displayed random girls from your area and can anonymously decide whether you like her or not.

If she likes you too, a match is created and you can chat with each other.

[fimage] Most Guys use Tinder because it eliminates all barriers which hold them back from approaching in real life.You don’t have to go out, get into state, push against your approach anxiety and have to deal with painful rejections. These are pretty much all the reasons we'll stay with someone who is not even 1. Usually when this happens to me, the guy is nice in a lot of ways, but he's an extremely weird match for me. And honestly you have nothing better to do right now anyway. If I wanted to find someone great I'd have to, like, meet people. You're too lazy to find someone else and you don't want to be alone.

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