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e.g.: (approximately 1 year, in seconds) The age of CSRF cookies, in seconds.

The reason for setting a long-lived expiration time is to avoid problems in the case of a user closing a browser or bookmarking a page and then loading that page from a browser cache.

Without persistent cookies, the form submission would fail in this case.

Note that the redirect may cause any data submitted in a POST request to be lost.

The A dictionary containing the settings for all caches to be used with Django.

It is a nested dictionary whose contents maps cache aliases to a dictionary containing the options for an individual cache.

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Here’s a list of settings available in Django core and their default values.

Settings provided by contrib apps are listed below, followed by a topical index of the core settings.

The cache; any number of additional caches may also be specified.

If you are using a cache backend other than the local memory cache, or you need to define multiple caches, other options will be required. A string containing a dotted path to a function (or any callable) that defines how to compose a prefix, version and key into a final cache key.

The default implementation is equivalent to the function: (Empty string) The location of the cache to use.

This might be the directory for a file system cache, a host and port for a memcache server, or simply an identifying name for a local memory cache.

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