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Offenders are required to adhere to a monthly payment plan.Payments must be made consistently and completely to ensure compliance.

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All mailed payments must include the docket number and be made payable to "Chief Probation Officer". Payments by credit card or debit card can be made in person or online. Payment plans provide the minimum monthly payment an offender must make to ensure the case is paid in full by the end of an offender’s probation/parole period.

Failure to pay fines, costs and restitution in full by the end of an offender’s probation/parole period may result in a Violation of Probation/Parole Hearing and revocation of the offender’s probation/parole period. 9728 (g) the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County instituted a $10 per month administrative fee.

It is an offender’s responsibility to inform the Probation Officer or Collections Officer if they are not able to comply with their payment plan due to medical issues. This is a mandatory fee imposed on all offenders for the processing of paperwork and related activities.

The offender must supply medical verification from their treating physician that details the reason, duration and any work restrictions. Pursuant to Act 35 of 1991, the offender will be charged a $40 per month supervision fee.

This does not relieve the offender from monies owed; rather, it may allow the offender additional time to make payments. This fee is charged to all offenders on active supervision.

This is a fee imposed for the active supervision of an offender’s probation/parole.

Upon notification from the financial institution that an offender’s check will not be honored, the check writer will receive a notice from the Collections Enforcement Unit advising the check writer that the account they were trying to pay will be assessed a returned check fee. 9728 (b) all offender’s convicted at the Court of Common Pleas Level will have a civil judgment filed against them for monies owed.

Fines, costs and restitution information can be located online through the Court of Common Pleas System (CPCMS) at Then scroll through the pages until you reach the financial information.

Please follow these instructions once you have clicked the link above: Place you mouse on docket sheets and click Court of Common Pleas. For assistance accessing this information, call the Collections Enforcement Unit at 610-344-6290 during regular business hours.

Go to the drop down menu under search type and select participant name. Court of Common Pleas System (CPCMS) These amounts are ordered by the Court at the time of sentencing thereby requiring an offender to pay these amounts in full.

Select the appropriate case(s) from the search results.


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