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1958 only the proof test stamp and the kind of ammunition was imprinted on the barrel.

NOTE: Since the video that originally accompanied this story was being purposely presented out-of-context without the new information that Shooter Jennings and one of his top cohorts have admitted to using as many as 19 different aliases to attempt to disrupt this site and spread misinformation, it has been temporarily removed. It will be added back and made public again for context in the future.

(3-25-13) – While researching information on another commenter who was violating Saving Country Music’s comment rules, we unearthed verifiable, indisputable evidence that Shooter Jennings has been using no less than 13 different aliases on the site since March 25th of 2012 to post comments with the intention of starting drama, spreading controversy, misleading this site’s readers about the size and scope of people coming here to defend him, and to dispute the opinions of this website.

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Dating sites for target shooter

Not until the late 1950s, with post war austerity still in evidence, were many small-bore target rifles available in Britain other than the BSA range and the comparatively expensive imported Winchester 52 and Remington 37 and 40X models.

Here is an image from an advertisement for the Anschutz 54 rifle in 1958, which "ad" stated that these rifles were being imported into Britain as a result of their International and National competition successes.

By 1962, the now World famous Anschutz Super Match had been introduced.

With the Super Match's purpose designed three-positional (Standing, Kneeling and prone) equipment, there appeared a need for a purpose built prone rifle Their 21st.

Some of the aliases used by Shooter Jennings that have been revealed and verified up to this point are: Jake THe SNake, TSteamroller, Steve, Devils Advocate, Troy, Trent R, Revel, The Revelator, Taylor, The one who tells it like it is, and Steve hole.

There also may be others as Saving Country Music continues to try and track down other possible aliases that may have been in violation of the comment rules.Furthermore, other users possibly working in conjunction with Shooter were also using multiple aliases, again with the intent of misleading readers (see below).Century models led the way in non-wood "skeletonised" alloy stocks, now built by many competing manufacturers.Wooden stocks are, however, not past their sell-by date.Many high achieving target shooters still prefer them, which has required manufacturers to continue production and development of the traditional rifle. The rear-sight and fore-sights are therefore rotatable to bring them upright at the selected cant of the rifle. The code for determining the age is as follows: 0=A; 1=B; 2=C; 3=D, 4=E; 5=F; 6=G; 7=H; 8=I/J; 9=K The year of proof testing is described by the last two digits of a year, i. that a firearm with the letters AF was officially proof tested in the year 2005 (05).A spirit level is fitted to the barrel's rear scope mounting block, and visible through the sights, to ensure a constant rifle and sight angle is maintained to prevent shots falling low either side of the centre-line of the aiming point."Up to approx. 1968 apart from the proof test stamp also the last two digits of the referring year were imprinted on the barrel.


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