Dating site just for shallow people

A man doesn't have to be attracted to a woman to respect her, yet that's exactly what unfolds in the video.

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First, they found male Tinder matches for a female friend, using photos that showed her appearing physically thin.

Then, before the date, they used body adhesives and makeup to make her appear physically larger than in her photos.

A hidden camera was set up at the date site to record the reactions of each of the five men she met during the day.

All of the new members who coughed up the $25 monthly fee have now been refunded, but for a 31-year-old Australian nanny residing in LA, that's not the end of the story for her.

Describing that she was "getting on really well with this American guy and we were going to go on a date and then they said I'd been chucked off and they locked me out of the site.

Now I can't get in touch with him," she is going to embark on a makeover and photo shoot before sending in an application to join Beautiful once more. This is only way I'll be able to get in touch with him.

If that doesn't work I'll see what I can do with Photoshop." [The Guardian] UPDATED: Commenter Terlan pointed out that Sophos' Naked Security blog thinks it's just a PR stunt to attract more attention—and more beautiful members—to the site.

It was the dating website that kicked off 5,000 people for "letting themselves go," and now Beautiful's booted a further 30,000 members, claiming a computer virus attacked last month, which let members bypass the beauty-screening and gain entry.

Dubbed "Shrek" by those unlucky enough to be affected, the computer virus supposedly let thousands of new members join the website without having their profile pictures vetted by the shallow gate-keepers.


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