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From the Wikipedia link, there's nothing particularly romantic about that kind of friendship. I also, honestly, don't believe that anyone would use the term "romantic friendship" in this day and age.

You might refer to someone as your "cuddle-buddy" or just be very physically affectionate with your friends, but I highly doubt you'll see this term ever show up again. The only difference seems to be that "romantic friendship" requires a very physical kind of relationship, but not a sexual one, and a platonic relationship can be very physical, but doesn't have to be.

We also excluded companies like and e Harmony, because you're probably already familiar with them thanks to the gazillion commercials they have.

It's also much harder to use these sites without paying for their subscription service.

We may be single, but we're not desperate enough -- -- to pay a monthly fee to end our Single Lady Syndrome.

Though swiping through Tinder is an effective way to end -- or at least try to end -- your dry spell, it's not exactly the most safe app out there.

Every Tinder user worries about meeting up with someone who looks totally normal in their profile but who's actually batsh-t insane IRL.

We understand your struggle, so we put together a list of apps that are similar to Tinder but have wayyy less of a creep factor.

To keep things as broad as possible, we left out apps that are based solely on religion (sup, JSwipe) or on sexual orientation (oh hey there, Grindr).

A platonic relationship is one without romantic or sexual intentions.

A "romantic friendship" - is a close, physically intimate but not sexually intimate - friendship.

As in, one that's got lots of cuddling, touching, hand-holding, and so forth.

It seems to me that "romantic friendship" is a strong misnomer.


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