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A long region reaching out from the head of the Ohio River, swinging east to Wills Creek (Cumberland), and thence roughly following the Allegheny Mountains to North Carolina, received attention.

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The opening marked the beginning of border warfare between settlers and colonial and state troops and the Indians that did not end until the power of the tribes was broken by General Anthony Wayne, in the treaty of 1795.

Robert Dinwiddie, Royal Governor of Virginia, gave more than passing attention to the western border of that day.

In March, 1756, the Virginia Assembly authorized the erection of a chain of defenses on the west.

Colonel George Washington, who had achieved distinction in the operations of the British Army and the local troops in the Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh) region, was placed in charge.

The ten years of comparative peace following the close of the French and Indian War disclosed a continual movement from eastern Virginia to western Virginia, and a like movement down along the Ohio River from the Pittsburgh entrance.

The old line of defense fell more or less into disuse.Then came the hectic days of 1774, and a new outbreak between the settlers and the Indians, called Dunmore's War, of which the most important episode was the Battle of Point Pleasant.The story of the defense of the frontier of Virginia begins about the year 1719, by which time there seems to be reasonable evidence of settlers south of the Potomac River, on what is now the soil of West Virginia.The Indian, with some misgivings, of course, viewed the gradual encroachment of the white man in this region with a certain degree of tolerance.Indeed, for thirty years the two groups lived to some extent in peace and harmony.However, entrance of the French into the Ohio Valley led to the opening of the French and Indian War in 1754, which, while it ended in America by 1762, actually swept on into the fields of Europe.

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