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When you search the following categories, ‘dating’ or “interracial dating” or “International Dating” “Latin women” or “Brazilian women” or “Interracial Dating” or “Latin Dating” or “Brazilian Woman” or “Latin Woman” The next important factor in any match is location.

I could match with someone right now in Australia, but unless I am in Australia then it doesn’t help me begin a relationship.

I may consider flying to Australia to meet my match but then can I sustain my match and help us grow?Well of course that depends on the two individuals involved, their circumstances, position, age, regularity of meeting and planned future.The reality as we know for single people is that long distance matches tend not to work unless both parties come together quite quickly after meeting.I agree that some long distance matches do and will work really well, but it is not the norm.So what I am arguing here is that when we look atwho we match with, let’s be reasonably certain that our locality to those we meet and match with allows for a relationship to develop.Whilst I may meet someone in Los Angeles who is perfect for me, unless I am prepared to move, visit often or relocate then maybe my match is not my best choice for me.


  1. Phyllis Summers is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on the CBS network.

  2. Personally, I’ve learned to keep my options open until someone truly sets themselves apart.

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