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In an interview, he claimed he is haunted by the death of actor Mark Blanco, who fell from the balcony of a block of flats in London where they were both partying in 2006.

The Libertines’ Carl Barat has revealed how he tried to kill himself in 2003 by smashing his head against a sink after drinking a bottle of whisky.

It happened when he had reunited with Pete Doherty to write the second Libertines album at manager Alan Mc Gee’s house in Wales.“I just didn’t want to be in my body.

It was just all these childhood issues that you try and unravel in therapy and a cry for help,” said Barat, 36, who will release albums with his new band The Jackals and The Libertines next year.“I don’t really want to put people through that again,” he said.

“I pray that his mother will stop punishing herself, because she is convinced there was foul play.

Who Amy Winehouse dated; list of Amy Winehouse loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.

The loves, exes and relationships of Amy Winehouse, listed by most recent.This list contains information about Amy Winehouse's famous exes like Alex Clare and Pete Doherty. Take a look at this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.ROCKER Pete Doherty has revealed he had a stormy affair with Amy Winehouse. “Towards the end, she became quite mean and cruel to me, as only lovers can.The former Libertines frontman claimed the tragic Rehab star hit him and was “cruel”. “She didn’t suffer fools and believe me, she had a mean right hook.” Doherty has written a song, Flags From The Old Regime, for the singer who died, aged 27, in July last year.He said: “I’ve also got lots of lovely footage of me and her just being together. “She had such a big heart but she was physically small and increasingly frail.“I never once saw her eat anything solid, just milkshakes.” Infamous drug user Doherty, 33, now lives in Paris.

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