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Many of us were dressed and bejeweled for the event by fab Gab and super talented Justin.

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Supporters contribute to their incentive program by donating baby clothes, as well as gently used t-shirts that local Kenyan mothers sew into baby clothes as part of a self-sustaining micro enterprise. Operation Karibu is poised to expand to the poorest county in Kenya, Kakamega County, where many of the mothers they will assist are teens.

With their next expansion, they will be able to reach 10,000 mothers and babies over the next two years, and they will need more baby clothes, t-shirts, and monetary donations to support their efforts! 18 Heart of LA Ride What could be better than bicycling through the Heart of LA.

So for you bike loving tomatoes Oct 18th is the place to be for the 5th anniversary ride of Civic LA. Cic LAvia is now the largest open street event in North America where the streets are blocked off from cars. It is not a race just a way to enjoy a care free and stress free exploration of 6 miles in beautiful Downtown LA.

They use incentive packages of baby clothes to encourage mothers to attend prenatal visits and deliver in-clinic.

The safe delivery of a baby is such a simple thing to us in America but in rural Kenya the fatality rate is as high as 1 in every 100 women and 1 in every 20 babies.

But through Operation Karibu, their skilled microclinic deliveries so far helped have helped 3,000 mothers deliver their babies with a 100% survival rate. You can help support their valiant efforts to reach more women, save lives, and give every baby the healthy start it deserves by giving through there many wonderful and unique options.

It isn’t just about giving money which is super cool tomatoes.

And I want you to know about a marvelous nonprofit that is doing vital work in Kenya saving the lives of women and babies. I love LA tomatoes but NY has a special place in my heart!

And did you gals know the biggest street fair is in Sherman Oaks?

The Jack O’ Lanterns are rising up, and it’s also time to shine up your bikes ladies and head to the Heart of LA. This West Coast tomato got to head to the east coast and New York for a simply wonderful event on Tuesday where we asked the question… On Tuesday evening the answer was a resounding “NO” from all 8 of our expert panelists.

I felt luscious and delicious (like Cinderella) in an exquisite Gabrielle Carlson dress and jacket and my neck adorned with “Subversive Jewelry’s” stunning necklace by Justin.


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