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Only idiots would choose to be on a dating website built around feminist ideology.

Essentially, men are pieces of meat women can ogle at without the chance of being contact by the poor men or ugly ducklings.

Recently, Hatch and other feminist crazies are complaining about what one male did when his “call girl” dialed up his profile on Bumble.

A young woman by the name of Ashley striking up a conversation with one of the men she found on Bumble based upon his profile.

For example, Jenavieve Hatch with the Huffington Post wrote an article titled, “Dating App Defends Woman Who Dared Ask Man About His Career – Bumble embraces the radical idea that sexism should not be tolerated.” This article written by a well-known feminist who believes men should not be offended if a woman asks her on-line acquaintance about his career and employment status.

This type of online dating is called “dialing for dollars.” Women are hoping to dial-up the right profile on a dating site for good-looking man with lots of dollars in the bank account.

Hatch specifically is talking about Bumbler, a dating website conceived by anti-male feminist in an attempt to re-engineer social expectations of modern dating.

If you’re not familiar with Bumble you’re not alone.

Feminist women on Bumble are single because they lack boundaries and live in a world of double standards.

Let’s face it, most of today’s feminist women don’t understand why many of them are single and have zero chances of marriage, now or in the future.

But the answer to their lonely and pathetic existence does not require someone with an advanced degree to figure out in some creepy counseling office.

The answer to all feminist (and yes liberal women too) women’s relationship woes could be looking back at them in the mirror.

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