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Each Emirate has the authority to establish local / civil law however they all share the same political, legal and military system.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made of seven emirates.

Dubai (pronounced “dubaiy” in Arabic) is the most popular emirate mainly because of Dubai City.

Research suggests that its name could have been derived from the work “Daba” which means “to creep”.

Researches have correlated this as a reference to the flow of the Dubai Creek (I actually knew this from somewhere! Dubai is the most populated Emirate and the second largest in land mass (of course just wait until man made islands are built all over the sea). Each Emirate already existed long before that (just like how the independent states came together to form the United States of America).

The Dubai Government is not a monarchy, aristocracy, democracy or communist.

Rather it’s a hybrid of a few types that mesh into the “Sheikdom” (kingdom of Sheikhs) that rules the Emirate.

Since 1833, one royal Sheikh family has ruled Dubai, the Al Maktoum Dynasty.

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