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Give her a chance to respond to you and actually listen to her. Being shy can make talking to others difficult at first. To get her to open up to you, find something that you both like to do, such as read, watch movies, listen to music, or take part in outdoor activities.

Try to find some topic for which she can and will contribute to the conversation with genuine interest. Chances are she does not like to be in the spotlight. How frequently or loudly a person talks is not indicative of their intelligence.

Lying or exaggerating to try to get her to open up or like you will ultimately backfire in the end.

Trust will probably be very important to someone who is shy.

These easy first date conversation starters will help you avoid those awkward silences and uncomfortable moments.

You can relax and enjoy your first date if you keep a few things in mind…

Talking to girls in general is hard enough, let alone trying to start up a conversation with a girl who is quiet by nature.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when striking up a conversation with a quiet girl.

Being courteous and asking about her interests go a long way when speaking with a girl who many be shy or introverted.

When to keep her qualities in mind, you're likely to have success in striking up a conversation with her. Common courtesy and politeness will appeal to her more reserved nature.

The most important thing to remember is that the happier and relaxed you are, the more you’ll enjoy your date.

And if you’re enjoying yourself, so will your date!

Finding interesting things to talk about is easier when you’re having fun.


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