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Hi friends, I want to find the start date of week and end date of week in the selected Month.using the calender extender.

For example(Taking jan 2012), In that my result will be like this Start date End Date 01/2012/01 - 07/2012/01 08/2012/01 - 14/2012/01 15/2012/01 - 21/2012/01 22/2012/01 - 28/2012/01 29/2012/01 - 31/2012/01 If this is possible in sql server then it will good for my implementation.

Thanks in Advance hi see this url Hello srinanthuram Thanks for the reply but i am not getting perfectly.i am able to get the first date and last date for the specific for the hole month(S) Please Suggest me if any other......

Thanks This can help you get an idea, but its not exactly SQL Server syntax, modify it accordingly and it should work perfectly... Thanks Arun hi see this url thank u Hi Salman, I am little bit confused the query giving result as 2012-01-28 .160----First Date Of Week 2012-02-04 .160-----Last Date Of Week Both the dates are in diifrent formate(Month and day is missmatch). To get the result in below form either in datatable or in datarow Start date End Date 01/2012/01 - 07/2012/01 08/2012/01 - 14/2012/01 15/2012/01 - 21/2012/01 22/2012/01 - 28/2012/01 29/2012/01 - 31/2012/01 Thanks hi Salman, Thanks for the reply.

hen invoked without arguments, the date command displays the current date and time.

Depending on the options specified, date will set the date and time or print it in a user defined way.

I’ve seen many sysadmin writing perl scripts for calculating relative date such as yesterdays or tomorrows day.

You can use GNU date command, which is designed to handle relative date calculation such as: The –date=STRING is a human readable format such as “next Thursday” or “1 month ago”.

A date string may contain items indicating calendar date, time of day, time zone, day of week, relative time, relative date, and numbers.


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