Dating in persona 3

And for Aigis, she kills and eats the cat they're looking for.

I wonder if anyone played a Persona game to make the protagonists (except Aigis) complete jerks.

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The publisher posted the above clip at the movie’s official website, which also includes stills and more information.

It’ll hit cinemas on June 7, with a Blu-Ray and DVD release expected to follow.

We’ll update you once we know more about the home version.

2015 UPDATE YO DEVIANTART, I'M ON TUMBLR NOW: about a month ago, I decided to enter a forum contest to win a copy of the latest re-release of Persona 3. All three of you who haven't played the game in some form or another over the years, please be forewarned that this comic contains massive social link and endgame spoilers."Look, man, we both know I'm putting up with you because I want Helel, so make with the introspection already."Pretty much sums up the (admittedly rare) occasion when there's a Social Link I just don't want to deal with.

I took it as an excuse to finish all those social link comics I said I'd do when I played the game for the first time, years ago. was instrumental to the making of this comic as a sounding-board for all my dumb ideas and sketches. Never watched or played School Days..did not seem all that interesting to me..after finding out the..climax of the series... I've seen gore..that's just dark for the sake of being dark.

I feel like this would happen with the female Social Links (plus Aigis) (I don't know the options, so I'm just guessing).

For Junpei, she would turn out to be the one selling pictures of herself in gym clothes.

For Rio, she would keep skipping practice and go out with everyone else on the team without Rio. She would treat Ken like a little kid and/or shame him for wanting revenge.

For Saori, she would distribute copies of that magazine that gave Saori a bad reputation. She would also treat Ryoji like a little kid, since that's how she saw Pharos.

She would completely neglect Koromaru, and keep scratching his tummy even though he hates it. She would completely reject Akihiko because that's how the link actually gets broken.

She calls the cops on Shinjiro when he uses suppressants.

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