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Magnus III, King of Norway, was also known as King of Mann and the Isles between 10.

In 1266, the island became part of Scotland by the Treaty of Perth, after being a part of Norway.

After a period of alternating rule by the kings of Scotland and England, the island came under the feudal lordship of the English Crown in 1399.

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The island has been inhabited since before 6500 BC.

Gaelic cultural influence began in the 5th century and the Manx language, a branch of the Gaelic languages, emerged.

In 627, Edwin of Northumbria conquered the Isle of Man along with most of Mercia.

In the 9th century, Norsemen established the Kingdom of the Isles.

), also known simply as Mann, is a self-governing Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Northern Ireland.

The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann.

The Lord of Mann is represented by a Lieutenant Governor.

Foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the British Government.

In the earliest Irish mythological texts, Manannán is a king of the otherworld, but the 9th-century Sanas Cormaic identifies a euhemerised Manannán as "a famous merchant who resided in, and gave name to, the Isle of Man".

The Neolithic Period marked the beginning of farming, and megalithic monuments began to appear such as Cashtal yn Ard near Maughold, King Orry's Grave at Laxey, Meayll Circle near Cregneash, and Ballaharra Stones at St John's.

There were also the local Ronaldsway and Bann cultures.


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