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I promise to treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve, and if we have the needed time to take your case on, my entire team will work to defend you and help put your life back on track. Cooking can be as enjoyable as eating at a restaurant.

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Although the Horseshoe Casino just opened in 2012, local and state authorities, as well as the casino operators, are taking a hard look at illegal activities that occur on the premises, which not only include cheating, but fraud (such as passing bad check) and misdemeanors like disorderly conduct.

In general Casino Law cases fall into several categories, some criminal in nature and others civil.

We defend individuals charged with violating state gaming laws which can start as felonies of the fifth degree and go up from there.

This means that if you are accused, and convicted, of cheating in any casino in Ohio, including the one here in Cleveland, you are looking at possible prison time and huge fines.

It is important to hire a professional defense team to protect you from criminal penalties associated with gambling charges.

Often individuals can be charged merely on the word of another participant, someone who you might have upset when you rightfully beat him in a poker tournament, or whom you sat next to while he lost at blackjack.

The casino in Cleveland has thousands of cameras and monitoring equipment, but this does not mean that you are guilty of a felony simply because they say so.

If you have been accused of a crime relating to gambling in the Cleveland Casino you should call is immediately.

All of my attorneys are former prosecutors – we work right here in Cleveland, Ohio – and that is who you need defending you. 2915.05 your life will change as a result of your conviction – hire a professional.


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