Dating hi angeleyes

Jason wakes up in the ruins of a building and doesn't remember why.

idek change it however you wish.” It’s a bit reinterpreted (his help isn’t so reluctant), but here it is! Now has a comic version being made by the lovely Moan-kun! first thing I register when my ears stop ringing and colour comes back is that I have no idea why I’m in a building partially buried under rubble, but I better get the hell out of there.

fingerstripesandcowls here is your story for “Jay/dick Dick ends up disabled after a mission goes wrong and Jason reluctantly assists him after being contacted by Alfred or Tim or something? With great effort I pull one of my hands free and tap my right ear. What the fuck am I doing plugged in with the Replacement?

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Tinnitus bites and I really hope it’s not going to be permanent.

” Bat-Brat in my ear is about the last thing I need. It must have been a warehouse, but I have no memory entering it, or what I was doing all night for that matter that would bring me here with Dick…apparently… That was definitely a hand sticking out of that pile of wood.

Got caught under a triangle of space that stopped the worst of the building from crushing me. I don’t like him that much anyway and he’s only making things worse for me. I withdraw when I don’t find the giant bump I expect to find.

“He’s hurt, shut up I’m checking if he’s alive.” I don’t mince words. “Hold still.” He’s silent and I run my hand through his hair feeling his head.

” I probably had a good reason for it, but I’d better check.“The serial murderer.”I thought hard. Some guy running around kidnapping young men, raping them. It might not be—”“Yeah,” I cut him off because I don’t want to hear that broken hope.

“You’re alright,” I say it more to myself than him.“He had a camcorder.”“It’s a wreck in here Dickie, I’m not going to be able to—”“It was set up near the entrance, it might be salvageable. If the cops find it they’ll know you killed him.”“Covering for me now? I want to bait him, but then he says: “…I think it was a paralytic or something, I think that I might… It wasn’t working, I could feel him quietly freaking out. My stomach rolls thinking about what that freak was planning to do to him. I guess they called you or you stumbled on to it.” I forced myself to focus, try and remember. Last thing I remember was eating fish sticks at the worst seafood restaurant I had ever had the displeasure of patronizing. The brat was still speaking furiously in my ear with that annoying high-pitched growl of his. He’s breathing.“He’s breathing.” I hear the smallest sigh of relief. There are scratches all over his body, but it seemed like most of the rubble landed on his arms. The one night he’s not wearing modified Kevlar he lucks out. It frightens me a bit, but I need to stay calm.“Why are we here? How come those two like you so much, but we never got along? I wave my hand in front of his eyes, he doesn’t reaction.“Shit,” I breathe. I don’t remember how we got here, why we’re here and who exploded the goddamn warehouse. He’s not wearing his suit, he’s in jeans and nothing else. It looks like I was doing a piss poor job of it though. “Morning Sunshine,” I grab his arms and try to pull. “it’s not that dark.” The flashlight attached to my belt was actually hitting him right in the face.“No, Jay…I…” he’s holding on hard now and I get this sinking feeling. ” Now it’s both the little birds buzzing in my ear. Instead I pull his arms so that they’re wrapped around my neck.“Jay, I can’t—”“Sh,” I tell him because I can’t deal with that right now. “I got a goose egg on my noggin so fill me in.” Distract both of us from the knowledge that you can’t see.“I think you were trying to save me.”That sounds like loveable old me. “You still have your eyes,” I reassure him.“Yeah, I know,” he says, “I can feel them.” He’s annoyed at my reassurances, but what the fuck was I supposed to do? Okay, he’s conscious and not screaming, good sign, good sign. ”He opens his eyes, he looks dazed.“Yeah babe, we gotta stop meeting like this.” “Something’s wrong.” His sky blue eyes are suddenly open wide, he lost his mask somewhere. “Settle down, you’re fine.”“It’s dark.”“Yeah, well there’s no lights in here,” I grumble. “I can’t see.” He sounds so damn broken and I want to run away. He removed their eyes and then—My grip suddenly tightens around him.

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