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While I wouldn't be shy, I wouldn't be particularly brazen either in terms of going up to someone.I don't specifically go to gay bars or clubs, and the good thing about going to regular bars is that you're guaranteed to spot any gay guys there.Mind you, it's hard to tell at times because everyone dresses well these days."While people are obviously attracted aesthetically to other people initially, once they're a bit of craic and don't take themselves too seriously, that's what's important.

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And now that we have marriage equality, I need to leg it off and find a husband, of course!

"The old-fashioned, traditional ways of meeting someone seem to be gone, and everyone seems to have apps like Tinder or Grindr now, but I wouldn't be a fan.

Nowadays, it seems that if you see someone you like, you have to suss them out through social media first.

So you might like three of their Instagram pictures, for example, and if they like three of yours back, you know you're on the right path."Social media has definitely influenced dating, as you are almost judging someone before you meet them based on how they present themselves online. "People are often afraid to take a leap and go up and introduce themselves to someone on a night out.

Then there's the opposite end of the spectrum, where you worry that some people may spend more time looking after their eyebrows than dating you, so a happy medium is what you're looking for.

"Getting married and having children is something I'd like in the future, maybe in my mid- to late-30s. I might meet someone or else I could get hit by a bus tomorrow."To borrow a few clichés, it's a truth universally acknowledged that love makes the world go around.It may be the thing we all want most, but it's also the single biggest generator of fervent hopes, crushed dreams and dramatic complications, no matter what age you are.Whether for fun, love or companionship, people across the country are putting themselves out there in the hopes of meeting someone special.We talk to six men and women aged from their 20s to 70s, to see how it's done."I've been single for two years and wouldn't say I'm actively seeking a relationship.I'm only 26 so there are more important things to focus my time on now, like my career, but that's not to say that I would turn something down if it arose.


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  3. Uh oh, Zoey Deutch doesn't look too happy with her boyfriend! Apparently the adorable duo have been going strong since they started dating since last year!

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