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Good health and good fortune determine the path that we take as we age.

If we are blessed with robust health and a supportive, loving family our path is very much easier.

We can enjoy the wisdom that comes from surviving an ever changing world.

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They may battle frailty, loneliness and poverty despite many years of employment and raising a family.

Even if an aged person possesses financial security they will often fret about losing it.

They know that their diminishing physical and mental powers have left them vulnerable.

Choosing a gift for someone over 80 can be a challenge.

Being included in a family function, being taken out for lunch, morning tea or dinner, picnic on a sunny day, hour at the beach, an invitation to stay over for the weekend. And in return you may receive a gift that money can't buy.

I once met a spritely old man who as a youth was on the Carpathia, the ship that was the first to reach the place where the Titanic had struck an iceberg and sunk.

He spoke of what it was like to come upon the desolate life rafts and search for the too few survivors.

It would be too easy if they could make a wish list at, so why not suggest it?

You could offer to help if they lack confidence on the internet.

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