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After Zakk Cums Hard It Is Time To Make Someone Else Cum Hard. James Is Thrilled To Be Next And He Begins To French Kiss Twink Cutie Evan.


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Great mouth cum, the girl acted as if she was mad, and it was nasty, but then she wiped her mouth with the same towel with cum all over it.

Filipina's sure can suck cock, they are the best I ever had sucking my cock.

The Philippines where the women are cheaper than the beer, and the beer is mighty cheap.

Screwing these sexy fucking machines changed my life forever.

Now I go to Angeles City or Manila for at least once a year and I fuck my brains out.

A Filipina pussy feels best when it's full of cum and I love to give them mine.

Zakk Is The Filipino Looking, Evan Is The Twink Looking And James The Frat Dude.

The girl with the white pants on sure knows how to suck a cock.

She gets right down it, none of this silly putting it against the side of her mouth try to show the big cock end thru her cheeks,just a good old suck with her taking the whole length down her throat.

If you like your Filipina girls young, hot and tight, Trike Patrol has the collection for you!

In their ever-growing assemblage of Asian pussy-whacking antics, the Trike Patrol guys will regularly deliver you prime pieces of Filipina ass by way of their infamous 3-wheeled chariot! When I was 23, I spent my holidays in the Philippines. Fucking Pinay whores was the best decision I ever made.


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