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Again, it's important to be sure the parts are original on the music equipment to get a valid date for the amp.Many tube amplifiers will have a tube chart within the amp itself.This may also be helpful when dating a vintage tube guitar amplifier.

Guitar amplifier dating by serial numbers - How To Date A Guitar Amp or Bass Amp By Serial Number.

There are a number of resources available online to help you to date your guitar amplifier or bass amp.

Many of these resources refer to source-date-codes located on pots or speakers within your amplifier.

Please keep in mind that those components must be original to get a valid date for a vintage guitar amplifier.

Other sources to date your amp may include serial numbers and overall look and visual components on the amp as well.

For example, the logo on the amp or materials used during a certain time period of production.

Dating an amplifier by serial numbers can be effective as well.

The Marshall MG Series MG15CFXMS Mini Stack Guitar Combo Amp offers a variety of tones in an ultra-portable 15 watt package.

This mini-Marshall has 4 programmable analog channels that allow you to dia...

Unlike the vast majority of programmable amps out there, the only thing digital about the MG15CFX is its built-in effects and memory - as far as the tone pumped from its sonic heart goes, the MG15CFX ...

Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50 Amplifier (HEAD) This really is an awesome all valve amp and a lot louder than you you'd think at 50w with all the usual classic Marshall tones.


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