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What are my potential spouse's five strongest traits and five worst faults? How can I be certain that I will be able to tolerate my potential spouse's faults? How can I be certain that my potential spouse will be able to tolerate my faults? Is there anything about me that annoys my potential spouse? Is there anything about my potential spouse that annoys me? Are there any traits or behaviors of my potential spouse that I hope to change?

What are my potential spouse's major goals in life?

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If my family is wealthier than my potential spouse's family, do I think that he might be interested in me because of my money? Consider in what ways my potential spouse might differ with my opinions and habits concerning financial matters.

What will I do if my potential spouse becomes more involved in his or her religion? How will my potential spouse react if I become more involved in my religion? Is it important for me to observe any Jewish holidays?

Does my potential spouse wish to observe any of his or her non-Jewish holidays?

Would my potential spouse wish to have any symbols of another religion in our home?

Do I plan to attend synagogue after we are married?

Does my potential spouse plan to attend church or mosque after we are married?

Are there any religious practices of my potential spouse that bother me? Do I have any religious practices that bother my potential spouse? If I have a boy, would I want him to be circumcised?

Now that I'm "available," I'm wondering what are some good guidelines in searching for Mr. The following questions are an effective manner to think about my relationship and the potential problems. What is my main reason or reasons for marrying this particular person? Am I afraid that if I do not marry this person I will have a hard time finding someone else to marry? Is my main motivation in marrying this person because of a strong feeling of physical attraction? How can I be certain that my strong feelings are really love and not merely infatuation? Do I have any ulterior motives for marrying this person (such as money or status)? In what ways might I be mistaken about the real personality and attitudes of this person? Is it possible that my intended marriage might be a rebellion against my parents?

and have been out of the dating scene for a few years. There a lot of factors to consider, and unfortunately, with the divorce rate running over 50 percent, it seems that many people are not asking the right questions. Does my potential spouse have any ulterior motives? In reality, will this marriage increase or decrease my problems? Are I getting married to solve my own personal problems? If yes, how certain am I that this marriage will solve those problems? What role does the marriage of my friends play in my wanting to get married right now? What am I gaining by marrying this particular person? What am I losing out by marrying this particular person? Do I think that my potential spouse might be painting an unrealistic picture of him or herself and that I might be marrying an illusion? Does my physical attraction for my potential spouse prevent me from being aware of problems which may cause difficulties later?

Choosing a spouse is the biggest decision of your life. Am I or my potential spouse trying to get married to escape from an unhappy home life? Have I discussed with my potential spouse if we have the same definition of love?

If you have not dealt with these questions openly and honestly, then you are sweeping things under the rug which will come back to haunt you later.

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