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I was a healthy and fit guy who exercised almost daily, took vitamins, and made my best effort to eat right.I didn’t feel that consuming aspartame fit with my other healthy lifestyle choices.Aspartame can cause a host of problems, such as headaches, vision problems, fatigue, and depression.

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In late 2010, I was having about three coffees per day, each one with an Equal or two.

In addition, I’d drink about four or five cups a day of grape drink sweetened with aspartame.

This isn’t including any of the other sugar-free products I’d drink or eat occasionally.

At the end of that December, I decided I would stop eating any form of aspartame (also called Equal or Nutrasweet) as a New Year’s resolution.

On January 1st, 2011, I just simply stopped consuming aspartame of any kind. I can’t say if my symptoms were genuine withdrawal, my body detoxing, or some other type of reaction related to quitting aspartame.

By far, my biggest aspartame withdrawal symptom was a headache.

I have no history of headaches at all (I get about one mild one per year), but the day after I quit aspartame, my head felt horrible!

This article lists my experience with aspartame detox and withdrawal. I’m not arguing to ban aspartame and I’d never judge those who use.

These are just my experiences that I’ve shared for everyone’s benefit.

It’s about being informed and quitting if you desire. I assumed that quitting aspartame was as easy as giving up any other “food” or drink. Looking back, a more gradual detox process would’ve been better.

If you have problems or questions when giving up Equal consult a doctor. If you’re considering quitting aspartame, try to wean yourself more slowly by cutting back before quitting.


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