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It’s never okay to appropriate Native American icons and signifiers without regard to context or history, whether it’s for Halloween or Coachella.What you consider a costume may be sacred or deeply meaningful to someone else.

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They weren't the first people, nor will they be the last, to have their awfulness proved by their choice of Halloween costume.

Last year, these two people thought it would be -larious to paint on blackface and bruises and be Ray and Janay Rice, because why choose between racism and domestic violence when you can have both?

That same year, and every single year before and always, someone inevitably decides it’s a good idea to dress up as an entire race for the day. It’s just so ridiculous I wanted to be sure you knew about it.

The person who posted it is Caitlin Cimeno, the delighted-looking woman in the middle.

William Filene, the guy on the left, dressed up as Trayvon Martin, complete with a bloody bullet hole in his hoodie and full blackface.

Greg Cimeno, on the right—the guy making a gun with his hand and pointing it at the other guy’s head—is supposed to be George Zimmerman.These three people thought this was so uproariously funny that they didn’t just put on these costumes, they took a picture and posted it on social media for the world to see.Still others drag their kids into this whole mess: this little suicide bomber and tiny Hitler can’t be held accountable for what they’re wearing. So here’s a list of costumes you should be sure to avoid this year, with brief insights on why.I know someone will complain they’re tired of all this “PC stuff” being shoved down their throat, So many problems here.As a general rule, treating an entire race of people or a culture—particularly from marginalized groups, but just in general—as a costume you can put on and take off is reductive, offensive and dumb.Reducing people to stereotypes and caricatures, which is what this kind of costume is all about, is pretty much the textbook definition of racism.

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